Groupe CB, born more than 120 years ago...

In our view, the company looks like a tree : deeply rooted, anchored in a generous soil, to reach for the sky and be renewed at each season. Our tree, Groupe CB, is a family company specialized in the mineral sphere; our roots are 120 years of experience; our generous soil is the geographical area where we are integrated and involved. Our team competencies allow this tree to bare its fruits, to engage in new projects and to go forward with confidence, courage : to develop is to live!

We love success : our clients’ success, our team and employees’ success hence our company’s success. To take up new challenges, to reward people for their work and to give opportunities are in our genes. We trust in the human being, and we vow to actively contribute to the development of each of them which is for us a real personal motivation and for the company a way to progress.

Day after day and over four generations we are constructing and protecting unique links with our environment. We make sure to associate all social, society and economic players to our development decisions.

We commit with passion to our jobs and with our Out Of The Box approach we develop our creativity and maintain our flexibility. On the long run, to think out of the box, to listen to our clients and to our markets, to remain open to other people, to new ideas and to ambitious projects are for us the best way to shoulder our clients more as a partner than as a supplier.

The arrival within the company of the fifth generation of the founding family is the best guarantee of sustainability, coherence with our basic principles and at the same time of a new impetus in building up Groupe CB for the future. ”


Franck and Gilles Poulain, Managing Directors